Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Project Big Foot!

This was quite exciting to draw as we got to use our foreshortening abilities to the max! The model was actually sitting very high (about 9-10 feet high) so the reference helped me create that huge, giant look. The foot is grossly exaggerated (which is the entire goal of the project), while the hands are much smaller and the head and torso are the smallest.

After drawing, we had to colour, which was also lots of fun but took a very, very long time to do (layers upon layers, crosshatching, shading, etc.). Essentially whatever is closest to you is warmer (hence a red-ish, bronze colour scheme for the feet and legs) and whatever is farther away from you is cooler (hence a blue-ish, aqua colour scheme for the hands and upper body).

I'd say if it wasn't for the colouring, it wouldn't look half as appealing as it does now.