Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hand Xray Drawing

As soon as this project was assigned to the class, I was extremely excited and started to work on it right away. First of all, I love drawing hands, and to combine the skin anatomy with the bone structure underneath is such a cool effect! 

The composition is combined of 2 layers - on the bottom is the bone layer (drawn on mayfair paper) and over it is the skin layer (drawn on mylar - a translucent, glossy tear-proof material). We had to choose a position for which to draw our hand (yes, this was my very own hand I was drawing!) along with an object. In this case I was holding a card with a piano pattern on it.

It was quite fun studying the different bones in the hand, and it was interesting to draw what my actual bones might've looked like. Yes, it was a very long, tedious process but as always (well almost always) the hard work and long hours payed off and I am content with the outcome :D