Tuesday, 13 September 2011

3D Shoe Transformation

This was probably one of the most "funnest" projects that was assigned to us in 3D Design class. We were supposed to choose a piece of music and then apply the "mood of the music" to the design of a shoe. I know, it sounds complicated. For my piece of music I chose "Calypso" by Hans Zimmer (only because I'm extremely obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Hans Zimmer's legendary music!) You can listen to the soundtrack here (look at the shoes while listening): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyPa4SHxI7c

What was challenging was that we had to use REAL shoes, and create something on top of that. I wanted to work with stiletto heels because I thought it matched the perfect attitude of the Calypso theme.
1. First, I covered each shoe (it was a pair of shoes that we had to work on...therefore 2 shoes, not 1) entirely with newspaper and tape so as not to damage the black, velvety suede material underneath. 
2. Next I coated the shoes with 2 layers of gesso and then used plasticine bandages to create the 3D forms (the tentacles and coral reef).
3. Finally, I painted over the shoes and added a real starfish to the front. (I didn't add anything to the inside of the shoes, so that they can still be worn with the designs on them).

I think it turned out extremely well and I'm happy that all my hard work payed off in the end! 
A big thanks to Hans Zimmer for inspiring me through his wonderful music! :D