Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Stylish Walk - Moves Like Jagger

I just wanted to create a different walk cycle and experiment with some different styles...I looked at tons of references from YouTube, the Animator's Survival Kit and references from life as well...and this was the end result!

Assignment Description:

This wasn't really an assignment, but my goal was to create a different walk, a walk with some "pizzazz" or "panache" in it.

Completion Time:

I worked on this for several days, working roughly 1-4 hours each day.
The total render time for all the angles and frames was about 3 hours...rendered in Mental Ray, and composited in After Effects.

How It Was Made:

I spend a lot of time looking at references, and kept tweaking and tweaking until I was satisfied with the result. It's kind of a sassy, fashion model walk if you wanna call it that. The rig I used was the "Eleven Rig" from I rendered the frames with a lime green background and then keyed out the background in After Effects, making it possible to overlap all of the files. I used the "Change to Colour" effect to change the colour of the shirt, and I applied a slight glow effect as well. The final video was edited in Final Cut Pro.

Final Words:

I think the music fits exceptionally well with this kind of walk, don't you?
This turned out really well, and you can expect to see many more different types of walks in the near future!

Enjoy :)