Saturday, 8 December 2012

Demo Reel [August-December 2012]

*Note: With the exception of the NURBS T-Rex, all the models were made with quads [not tris]. Unfortunately the effect I used to generate the wireframe only rendered the model in tris, not quads. 

This is a collaboration of my best and most successful work done from August-December 2012 in my 2nd year of animation here at MUBC, India. 

Software Used: 
Models made in Maya
Textures done in Photoshop
Footage composited in After Effects
Sequence edited in Premiere Pro
Final adjustments and tweaking done in iMovie

For some reason the video became a little "patchy" or "grainy" as soon as I imported it into iMovie...but it was either 150MB or 5GB!

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