Saturday, 8 December 2012

I Like To Move It, Move It!

So I did the male walk cycle, but I was very much eager to try the female walk you can see, the average female walks quite differently from the average male. I have exaggerated some of the movement just to make it more feminine.

Assignment Description:

Well, this wasn't an assignment [I did this for fun]...I just wanted to get a feel of how a female walks versus a male...and it's quite interesting! Males are much more rigid and stiff, they have more stability and power in their walk. Females, on the other hand, and very smooth and fragile, and the movement is very delicate and soft.

Completion Time:

This took me about 2 days to complete, rendered with a basic 3 point lighting setup in mental ray, and composited in After Effects.

How It Was Made:

If you haven't heard of the "Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams, please download it! [It's a free pdf file]. I referred to the A.S.K. when I was creating this, and decided to exaggerate the movement [especially near the hip area]. I also looked at some reference videos on YouTube, and used some real life reference as well. Notice that when a male lifts up a leg to walk, the hip goes up then down when the foot touches the ground. However, when a female lifts up a leg, the hip doesn't move much, but when the foot comes in contact with the ground the hip goes up. Females tend to have a natural swing to their hips, and keep their hands closer to their body, with their stomachs slightly out.
Please take a look at my "Maya - Male Walk Cycle" video that I have posted will be able to see A LOT of difference within a few seconds!

Final Words:

This turned out very well considering I did this in 2 days!
In case you're wondering, this rig was downloaded from [it's called the Eleven Rig]
Stay tuned for the "Female Run Cycle" coming soon...

Hope you like it :)