Thursday, 15 November 2012

You Can Run...But You Can't Hide!

So here's a basic [male] run cycle...

Assignment Description:

We had to animate a Run Cycle...pretty self-explanatory. [Keep in mind that the term "cycle" means that the position is looped and can be repeated over and over again. A Cycle is usually animated in one place, without the character moving forward or backward].

Completion Time:

I worked on this for about 2 days, and just like the walk cycle, each view is rendered separately and then composited all together in After Effects.

How It Was Made:

The run was much easier compared to the walk [with regards to the movement]. However, capturing the dynamism and energy was the challenge. At first I just thought that a run is a "fast walk." Although it may seem like it is, there is much less follow-through for the joints, the body will be more inclined towards the front, and the shoulders and hips move more. Once I applied all these characteristics to the rig, the run started to come together.

Final Words:

I think this turned out quite well [for my very first run cycle]!
Note: A "Jump" animation will be posted soon!

Thanks :)