Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Gangnam Style - 3D Animated Version!

Alright...I was actually going to post this on the occasion of receiving my 100th subscriber on YouTube, but I couldn't wait any longer! [Hopefully this video will get me those 3 more subscribers and more!]

Assignment Description:

I was a LITTLE bored, so I decided to create a 3D animated version of the overly popular "Gangnam Style" video...just for fun!

Completion Time: 

I spent about 3 days on the animation, and 2 days on the editing, compositing and rendering.

The total render time [including animation and final render] = approximately 5 hours.

The file size came up to 3.50 GB, and it started to lag a lot in many of the video editing applications I was using, so I imported it into iMovie and compressed the file size down to a puny 22 MB!

How It Was Made:

The animation is basic keyframe animation, and I used the official Gangnam Style Video as reference. I used the "Norman" rig and animated him in Maya. I rendered each frame with a bright green background [so that it was easier to composite the animation onto some different background/footage through chromakeying]. After rendering, I edited the frames so that they were properly synced with the audio [which I edited as well, just to make the video a bit shorter rather than having 4 minutes of animation]. Finally I added some musical waveforms for the bass and treble, along with a single spotlight, background and floor [the actual animation that was rendered inside of Maya consisted of a basic 3 point lighting setup].

Final Words:

Ok, enough said!
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And of course, crank up the volume and watch in full screen HD!

Thanks :)