Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bon Appetit!

So here's the last of our lighting assignments for the semester...

It was a fun experience, and I can't wait to start lighting in Mental Ray next semester!

Assignment Description:

We had to texture and light a kitchen scene...Now I might have made a few [ok, a decent amount] changes [all additional props were modelled by me...the pots and pans, stoves, doors, window, overhead thing that holds the pans]. If you look closely, you can see that my bottles and fruit bowl assignments are included in this scene. And for my inspiration, yes, you guessed it...Ratatouille!

Completion Time:

It took me 3 days for the texturing, 3 days for, about a week.

How It Was Made:

I wanted to use the movie Ratatouille as a reference while adding in my own personal flare [of course, without changing the scene entirely!]. And I think I did a pretty good job of doing that...
When the model was given to us, all it had was a table, 2 chairs, a wine bottle and the kitchen counter, enclosed by 4 really tight walls. So I did a little "interior designing" to make the scene more FUN, and more light a restaurant kitchen rather than a household kitchen.
Pretty much every model was UV unwrapped for texturing, and I think I went "terminator" style on the texturing [I just couldn't stop!].  You see, nothing in this world is absolutely perfect and shiny...there will always be some dust and scratches, dirt and grime wherever you look. So I made this kitchen look a little worn out but still "in business" [ok, I'm using some really lame apologies!]
In terms of the lighting, there were about 35 lights used, and I'd say the lighting was quite easy and straightforward this time...I just added several bounce lights here and there, and lots of negative lights for the shadows. And that's pretty much it!

Final Words:

As the very last lighting assignment of this semester, I think I ended this with a BANG!
It turned out really well and I'm completely satisfied with it...[well I'm never fully satisfied with anything] get the point!

Don't worry, I will try to post some of my own lighting assignments within the next few months.
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