Wednesday, 19 September 2012

TyranNURBSaurus Rex!

[Caution: Don't stare at this guy for too long...there's a reason his mouth is open!]

It took me a couple days to finish modelling this with NURBS [hence the name of this dinosaur: Tyran"NURBS"aurus Rex].

[All jokes aside, the head was the toughest part because of all the detail and the distorted shape. Also, I made a really silly mistake when I started creating this [I forgot to relocate the seam to the bottom of the body], which made it impossible for me to attach the head to the body. In the end, I used a circular fillet to create a blend between the head and body, so it looks like it's connected, but there are 2 separate surfaces there. 

The legs and hands were easy [with the exception of the claws], and it took me a while to attach the claws to their appropriate limb [again, a circular fillet was used]. 

Once the "blocking" was done [creating a general shape/structure of the body] I used the sculpt geometry tool to add as much detail as possible [especially near the head]. I could have never achieved those details without the sculpt tool, so that was a HUGE help.]

I plan on texturing, rigging and animating this model and maybe even making a short film using it...who knows...

Anyways, enjoy!
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