Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fairy Kingdom Flash Background

This was really fun to do (even though it was part of our 2nd internals in Digital Tools class). A brief description of the scene (text only) was given to us, and using that description we had to create our own background. 

Here is the description: 
     "Another beautiful sunrise bathed the forest in a warm summer's glow, chasing away the dark shadows of the night. 

     Beyond the tree line, hidden deep in the Scottish wilderness lived a secret world, lost in the history of the once great lands of the Sutherland Counties. Carefully nestled high in the trees, hidden in nature's greens and browns were the homes of the fairies of the Old Sutherland kingdom. 

     Duty, fear, and maybe even guilt had led to this secret kingdom's history being rewritten, the powerful rulers deciding what their fairy people should believe in."

I thought that curvy, twisted trees would fit this description perfectly, and the small "fairy pods" would be disguised as fruit hanging from the trees. This was done in 2 hours and a final colour correction was done to give it more of an early morning colour scheme.

Enjoy :)

Fairy Kingdom: Original

Fairy Kingdom: Colour Correction and Image Flip