Friday, 12 October 2012

Toy Story...4?

Alright...I made this one several weeks ago, but never got the chance to post it. 

Assignment Description: 

Basically we had to get any toy and model it. Since Woody was the only toy I had with me, I decided to model him...

Completion Time: 

Approximately 3 days...

How It Was Made:

For this project, we were required to draw the orthographic views of our toy as well...after the front, side and top views were drawn, they were scanned and imported into Maya.

Basically I started off "blocking" out the body...I started from a cylinder and extruded, deformed the vertices, etc. to create the torso and limbs. The boots, fingers and head were the toughest areas because of the amount of detail they had; I had to model all of this while taking into consideration proper mesh flow and avoiding any "tris" and "Ngons." The hat, boots, vest and buttons were made separately, as well as Woody's "boot gun" with a snake in it (hence he says: "There's a snake in my boot!") The boot gun came along with the toy so I had to model that as well. 

Final Words:

Here's how I would put it...if Woody had a twin brother, this would probably look like him!...Only because of the face (which was extremely difficult due to the poor references to work with). Nevertheless, this was my first "human" character created in Maya, and I'd say it's not that bad for my first one!

Hope you guys like him :)