Thursday, 2 August 2012


Hey everyone,

I do apologize for the delay in my posts, as it has been an extremely busy summer!
[and after an entire year of stress, I figured the least I could do was relax a little!]

Well, here's something that I have been working on for a few weeks now, and I'd have to say it is getting to be quite addictive! And as I venture on into year two at MUBC, it's time to move onto something bigger and better...yes, you guessed it...

[In case you didn't know, Maya is a 3D software program released by Autodesk, used by many production companies to make feature animated and live action films.]

Now, you're probably asking, "Does this mean there won't be any more 2D work on this blog?"
And the answer is...NO! I will continue to post some of my 2D artworks as well as 3D and digital art, so no need to be disappointed!

Year I come!